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Last Blog Entry:   4/21/2009 1:51:34 PM 
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2007 Arena
4/21/2009 1:51:34 PM - Invited to Odessa Roughnecks Training Camp under p...

2006 Arena
4/21/2009 1:46:09 PM - Invited to Odessa Roughnecks Training Camp under n...

2004 Arena
4/21/2009 1:44:04 PM - Joined Odessa Roughnecks Practice squad of the Int...

2002 College
4/21/2009 1:41:15 PM - Attended Midwestern State University in Wichita Fa...

4/21/2009 1:38:10 PM - Played for prestigious Odessa Permian High School ...

I am a high school special teams coach, but I never kicked field goals or extra points. Therefore I needed help and information so I could teach something I had never done. Your CD and this site was the perfect answer. I have been working with my kicker for about four months and I'm overwhelmed at his progress. I sent you a demo for a video evaluation and its been a huge help to myself and my kicker. He is now kicking into the endzone 30% of the time, and making 40 yard field goals 50% of the time. Please continue the priceless education to all of us out here. THANKS!
-- Dennis Duttenhoffer

Doug and Tommy's Frequently Asked Questions: "When I punt, the ball comes off my foot in a tight spiral and has great height, but I can't get the ball to turnover at the top of it's trajectory, I was wondering if you have any tips or drills to solve this problem?" -- Click here to read our answer

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