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Pro-Holder In-Ground Unit

Football holder unit to help you warm-up during the game, even if you don't think you have the space!

Pro-Holder In-Ground Unit

The Pro-Holder In-Ground unit is the second version of the Pro-Holder series. An amazing unit for stadiums that don't have enough sideline room for a kicking net.

Stop wasting time fishing balls out of nets or resetting the finger tee. The Pro-Holder is the best replacment for warming-up for extra point or field goal attempts. Use it for warm-up kicks, strength building for added distance, perfecting techniques, and determined accuracy.

The perfect way to improve your place kicking and point after kicks. Enjoy the extra space without your view being obstructed by a big bulky net. No more transporting a kicking net to your home football games. Comes with instructions and pictures on how to install into ground.

"You can't feel the harness while kicking the ball," is the reoccurring response from kickers when asked about the harness. "We are getting at the least 2 to 1 kicks using the Pro-Holder verses the net and finger tee!"

Height adjustability allows for perfectly set footballs every time.

Watch the video to learn more about the Pro-Holder product line:

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Pro-Holder In-Ground Unit 
$299 US


Last year I ordered your kicking CD for my son, Brad... it helped him resolve his kicking routine, and now we're seeing the results in both parts of his game: placekicking and punting.
-- Member

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field goal kicker placekicking app for iOS
Fun app game to flick field goals through the uprights!

The BEST punting video - complete with 3-stage punting approach, holding, stretching tips, and more -- check out Tommy Barnhardt's "Punt-N-It" DVD >>>


Punt-N-It DVD

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Pro-Holder In-Ground Unit