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Golf is a Helpful Hobby
Kris Brown
Article posted on 4/30/2005

The first part of this off-season is really the time when I try to relax and get away from football. I like to travel and really take a break from working out. One of the more exciting things I got to do this off-season was play golf at Pebble Beach with my Dad for his 50th birthday. That was really fun for us.

I also have been spending time with my wife and son. During the season we get somewhat busy so it's nice to be able to hang out with them and do what we want to do at least for a few months. I started shifting my attention more towards football when we started our off-season program. I really kind of feel like once that begins, it's time to begin thinking about your conditioning and getting stronger for training camp and more importantly the season.

Our coaches sessions start in a couple of weeks and then it becomes more of an every day, on the field type of focus in terms of getting ready for the season. Right now we are going in and working out but it's only a couple of hours a day. Once the coaching sessions start it will be a little more intense and the days will be longer. That helps prepare you for training camp and what the season will be like.

In terms of my off-season workouts, first and foremost is making sure I show up in the best shape I can. I don't have to kick the ball right now so I can really get in the weight room and gain some strength. Once I start kicking, it's hard to kick and lift heavily at the same time. So this is really the time that I can get into the weight room and focus on getting stronger and get an advantage in that area.

The coaching sessions are a good chance for us to get on the field every day for at least a few weeks and begin to re-familiarize ourselves with the snapper/holder. The most important thing a kicker does is have that good rhythm and tempo with the snapper and holder and that doesn't happen overnight. So by starting in May and working on that early on, it builds into the middle of June. We take somewhat of a break between mini-camp and training camp but that work that you do prior to camp really helps once you start up again.

In terms of the mental side, one thing I do in the off-season is play golf. It is kind of the same mentality. Every time you step over a golf ball you have only one chance to put a good swing on it and get a result you want. The process in swinging a club and kicking a football are almost identical. You have to go through a routine, pick out a target and hit it. Kicking a football is the same thing. The hardest part with both of them is that your mind can play tricks on you going through that process. So even though golf is a hobby and fun to do, it's also helped me in terms of staying focused and sharp on the football field.

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My son has been using the Power Band religiously and has noticed an increase in his distance on kickoffs, which comes in handy now that the NCAA has decreed that kickoffs will be from the 30 yard line. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!
-- Bud McLaughlin

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