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What a personal coach can do for you
Paul Assad
Article posted on 11/18/2004

There's a reason NFL and top college players use a personal coach: Working with a personal coach is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways to improve your performance and heighten your playing experience at any level. Today's Personal Trainers are many and all over the nation-available at varying economic levels-to help promote the changes or transformations those players couldn't achieve themselves, or at least at the same speed.

How do you know if hiring a personal coach is the right choice for you? Perhaps, considering the following things a personal coach can help you do can help decide if and who you will choose:

1. OVERALL IMPROVEMENT - Most players that have been successful at the highest levels tell us that their primary reason for having a personal coach now, or as they came through the ranks, was to improve their ability to consistently perform, kick field goals with greater distance, trajectory and accuracy, kick off with greater distance and hang time, and punt with greater distance, hang time, get off speed with direction. Long snappers told us they wanted to improve the speed, spiral and accuracy of their snaps, as well as blocking abilities.

2. TECHNIQUE IMPROVEMENT - A personal coach can assist or guide shaping your fundamental techniques that usually result in the player's performance where fundamental efficiency and alignment principals seem to significantly assist the player's ability to generate more speed and transfer.

3. MENTAL ROUTINES - A personal coach can assist the development and discipline of a player following a routine.  Sports Psychologist studies indicate that athletes following a designed routine will promote the likeliness of constant outcomes in performance.  A personal coach can also help the player develop and be confident by guiding the players to associate performance success benefits to a disciplined systematic approach to practice and games.

4. PERFORMANCE RECOGNITION - Players at all levels have told us that they believe improving their fundamental techniques, strength gains, focus and game experience were the primary vehicles within their control for the advancement to upper competitive levels or simply heightening the experience of competing at their current level.

5. PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS - All players who have utilized personal coaches at one time or continuous in their careers have indicated that they hoped their personal coach-using his unique contacts could speak or refer them for recruiting recognition or pro level advancement opportunities where the personal coaches expertise and experience lends credibility to validating the likeliness of success for each player.  So set goals and stay committed to your cause and depending on your definition of success you can get there with your coach!

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