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Develop and Program Your Habits
Paul Assad
Article posted on 3/28/2003

Here's what we call the "3-Point Drill".

PART 1. Leg Swing Inside to Impact

Leg Swing - Muscle Memory - Train the leg to come inside, breaking the knee down inside toward the plant leg knee (Fulcrum) just before beginning upswing, kicking leg extension through impact with an upward motion of the lower leg. This angle will promote trajectory.

PART 2. Take a Mental Picture - Impact Position

Take a mental and muscle memory picture of the impact position. Keep getting into the desired striking position perfectly and capturing a visual and muscle memory image for reference.

PART 3. Check Yourself - Learn to Understand Your Movement

Are you using foot or body generated speed? Foot-generated vs. body-generated speed: get into a position to create speed with your foot instead of beginning the kicking motion before you're in a position to kick, thus having to use your body to get through the ball.

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-- Parent of Combine Series Participant

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PART 1. Leg Swing Inside to Impact Develop and Program Your Habits - by Paul Assad

PART 1. Leg Swing Inside to Impact