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Ralf Kleinmann Interview
Stefan Nickel
Article posted on 3/26/2003

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Ralf Kleinmann, Frankfurt Galaxy kicker in the NFL Europe League.

Nickel: How is it for you coming back to the Galaxy after a two years break?

Kleinmann: It's good to be back ! I never lost my desire in kicking balls. I had a two years break because of my vocational situation.

Nickel: Please tell us something about the kicking camp

Kleinmann: The supervisor this year was Matt Rock. He had no special practice schedule for the day. We went on the field 09:00 a.m stretching first. Then the kickers and punters started the practice with their daily routine. Matt Rock didn't change the technique of each kicker. He only gave us little but helpful tips. We did basic stuff each practice like one-step or no-step-drills. Nobody should kick too much during the camp. That was one of Matt Rock's tasks. We should take our reps during team practice after the kicking camp.

Nickel: How is the quality of your american colleagues?

Kleinmann: Some guys were really good, some were OK. The guys had no competition to make it to the camp. The cuts will made by their teams Sunday 23rd.

Ralf Kleinmann scored a career high of 234 points in six seasons. He won two championships with the Frankfurt Galaxy. In 1998 he scored the game-winning field goal against Rhein Fire in overtime and Frankfurt reached the final but lost it against Fire.

The season will start April 5th

Amsterdam Admirals @ Rhein Fire

F.C. Barcelona Dragons @ Frankfurt Galaxy

April 6th

Berlin Thunder @ Scottish Glaymores

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