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Thanks for expressing interest in advertising with us. I hope you find our prices extremely affordable! gets around 200 visitors a day visiting the front page for our news articles, transactions, etc. We also have a email contact list of 3000+ valid kickers and punters. Here are a few options to reach our members and contacts. Simply click on the ad type to place it in your shopping cart, or contact Brion for the link.

We have changed our pricing to monthly payments, instead of the larger upfront amounts that may be difficult for many of you to come up with. We hope this makes advertising with easier and more effective for you. If you have other ideas for advertising options, please let us know.

  1. Camp Signup System - For the price of 10% of each signup registration cost, you receive the "Bronze" camp listing package, and get to use our camp registration system, which helps you easily manage and keep track of your camp signups. We process the transaction and mail you a check whenever you want (and one final payout after signup is complete). This system has been built to make it easier for your campers to sign up, if they already have a membership with Read more in your "EXPERT" membership account.


  2. Camp Listings - All camps get good visibility to our members and site visitors through our free EXPERT Account. These appear on the Camp Listings page. Contact Brion to setup your free "Expert" membership to get started. The "Free" option will post your camp name, logo, your name, your location, phone number, website and any upcoming camp dates.

    You can enhance your placement and visibility of your camp or private instructional service by adding a Bronze package.

    Bronze Package - Adds gold background color (to make your camp stand out from the rest), provides a priority (top of the section) listing on camp section (Camps, Training/Private Instruction, etc), Experts page, and upcoming camp dates listed under description.

    $20/ month

  3. Rotating Banners - Banner ad (468x60) in rotation on the front page, on visited news articles, and links within the free section of the site. If you don't have a banner, we create a flash banner for you for free!
    $100/ month

  4. Home Page Button
    Button (125x125) next to daily news articles, appearing on every Front page load (not rotating with other buttons).
    $100/ month

  5. Advertising Combo - Rotating Banner (#2) and Home Page Button (#3)
    Banner ad (468x60) in rotation on the front page, and Button (125x125) next to daily news articles
    $200/ month

  6. Side Banner (Page Peel) Advertising
    Large Banner ad displayed on the upper right side of all webpages (except within member section). The small page will pulsate and draw attention to it, then when the user moves their mouse over the image, a huge image is "peeled" back to reveal your message. This is the best exposure you can get on our website. If you don't have an image, we create one for you for free!
    $250/ month

  7. Marketing Email
    Marketing email (written by you) sent through our email address to over 3000+ kicking and punting specific email addresses. These may be different people than those that visit the site regularly - $250 per distribution including editing and HTML webpage option.

  8. Want more targeted emails to a specific region or state? Try our Targeted Emails (up to 5 states) for $100 per distribution including editing and HTML webpage option

Another option is a way to get a free marketing email. For every 30 players you refer to our FREE or PREMIUM database memberships, we will send an letter on your behalf to our email list (Marketing Email), or give you one free month of banner advertising (Rotating Banner). You also can receive a higher ranking on the camp listings page. A WIN-WIN for all. We also have special URL links we can provide to your email list with your name/camp pre-selected for them, to guarantee you get credit for the signup. Just let us know you are interested, and we'll send you the link.

Contact Brion at if you have any questions, or any new ideas on how we can work together. Payment plans are also available for large marketing initiatives with us.



I sent you a demo tape for evaluation and its been a huge help to myself and my kicker. He is now kicking into the endzone 30% of the time and making 40 yard field goals 50% of the time. Please continue the priceless education to all of us out here. THANKS!
-- member and HS coach

Doug and Tommy's Frequently Asked Questions: "I have heard that lifting weights with your legs (squats, leg curls, etc.) actually slows down your leg speed which makes you a less powerful kicker. Is this true??" -- Click here to read our answer

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