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Jan Stenerud's Kicks and Tips
Jan Stenerud
Article posted on 6/3/2005

Article appeared on on 11/30/04.

Greetings! I am Jan Stenerud, Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 1991. Since this is my first appearance on, I will provide you with a little biographical information about myself. I was a place kicker in the AFL and NFL from 1967 thru 1985. I was with the Kansas City Chiefs for 13 season, the Green Bay Packers for four seasons, and I spent two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings. When I retired, I had kicked the most career field goals in NFL history.

In the coming weeks, I'm looking forward to providing you with helpful advice on the art of soccer-style kicking, as well as answering your questions. I am living proof that if you work hard and understand the basic fundamentals of soccer-style kicking, it is possible to become an accomplished kicker. I did not attempt to kick a football until I was 22 years old!

I was attending Montana State University on a skiing scholarship, and in the fall of 1964, my junior year, I kicked a football for the first time. Following a half-dozen kicks with my toes making contact with the ball, I began to kick with my instep. That was the beginning of a 19-year pro career.

I had played a lot of soccer as a youth in my native country of Norway, but I had to develop my kicking style by trial and error. Maybe I can help you avoid some of the pitfalls I faced.

Are you interested in becoming an outstanding kicker? Perhaps good enough to earn a college scholarship or even a spot on an NFL roster? It can happen.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you reach your goals!

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