No-Step Kick with Eyes Closed

Working on this drill will make you better at "feeling" your kicking instead of thinking about it. The drill is exactly the same as the no-step kicking drill, except your eyes are closed. 

Don't worry about making the kicks just pay attention to how your body feels when you kick. Notice what it feels like to hit the perfect ball. Bottle that feeling and do it over and over. This drill will make you better at feeling what you are doing wrong. This way you can quickly make adjustments and find that perfect kick that feels right. 

The best kickers know if a kick is good or not the second it comes off their foot based on how it feels. This drill will help you improve your sense of feel. Again, donít worry if you miss all of your kicks in the beginning. Just try to make contact with the ball and be patient with yourself. It may take you several weeks before you get the hang of this difficult drill.

By practicing the no-step kick it is easier to practice having the perfect body position every time. If fact, once you get the hang of no-step kicking (it is difficult and awkward at first), you will be much more likely to have perfect position at impact when you do a full approach kick.

  1. Place the ball on the ten-yard line in the middle. 
  2. Set your plant foot up for a no-step kick and close your eyes.
  3. Kick a normal no-step field goal. (provide link to no-step instructions)
  4. After you hit the ball and before you open your eyes, try and guess what kind of kick you just hit. You know you are improving if you know you pulled the ball without even looking. 
  5. Concentrate on making good contact and following through high and down your target line.


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