No-Step Kick

The no-step kick is a great way to warm up and to improve your overall kicking ability. If you think about it, your body position at impact is the only thing that matters. If your hips are lined up, your foot position is correct, your posture is correct, and if you make solid contact and follow through down your target line, you are likely to have a good kick.

By practicing the no-step kick it is easier to practice having the perfect body position every time. If fact, once you get the hang of no-step kicking (it is difficult and awkward at first), you will be much more likely to have perfect position at impact when you do a full approach kick.

  1. Place plant foot the normal distance from the ball (one football length) but further back than normal. I usually put my plant foot about 4- 6 inches behind the ball. Experiment to find a position that feels comfortable.
  2. Keeping your plant foot in position, swing your leg back and kick the ball.
  3. Try to extend and follow through directly down your target line (the middle of the uprights) and end each kick with your shoulders and hips square to the uprights and in a balanced position.


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