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Profile Last Updated:   7/15/2018 
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Phone: 817-300-4568
Desoto, TX  United States
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Sean Riley Kicking Academy is an organization dedicated to coaching field goal kickers and punters. SRKA participants can begin instruction as early as sixth grade. We will instruct the child on the basic fundamentals of soccer style kicking, and traditional punting, along with giving the child the much needed exposure he will need to get to college. "We believe that with a cost effective one on one coaching plan, each kid can be successful" says SRKA founder Sean Riley. This program is a tool to help children maximize their potential as a kicker. Many children are born with natural abilities. Our goal is to teach the children the other aspects of kicking. Raw talent usually will not take you very far. At the college level you will have to compete with others with the same raw talent. SRKA is your solution to be fundamentally sound as well as mentally sound going into college. Each child is at a different skill level so the instructors (whom all are kickers) evaluate each child and assess the program cost based on the child's and parents' needs. Our goal is to have every member of SRKA play college football and hopefully earn a scholarship.

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Sorry, no upcoming camps. Visit their website or email to find out when they will be available.

Raising the standard of your kicking performance >>>
Today kicking at the high school level is very competitive. It is not a big deal to hear a kicker booted a forty-yard field goal in a game or kicked t...9/25/2008

Dealing with Pressure >>>
Dealing with pressure at the high school level is very important. The first thing you need to realize, is that this is just a game and it is meant to ...11/14/2007


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