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Phone: 678-200-7540
Woodstock, GA  United States

At VAS International, Inc. we are all former and current football kickers/punters, soccer players, coaches, fans, and athletic "business" people who have all come together with one common goal. Build a niche software company dedicated to those athletes interested in "kicking their game up to the next level" while ensuring we work with those kicking professional specialists/coaches who now finally have software designed for their on-site and off-field analysis of their players. We know first-hand that in everyone’s athletic journey, they are looking for a "leg up" in obtaining that college scholarship in the niche market as a "kicking specialist" or soccer player.

We also recognize that dealing with these athletes; their parents and coaches that at every level and every age, one thing is constant; the need for consistent and updated analysis and information, of where they are and where they are headed ultimately will have a positive effect on their longer term life journey.

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In the corporate world we use a Return On Investment (ROI) model to show by implementing a certain technology a company would be able to increase its ...3/1/2014


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