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Phone: 321-278-9101
Orlando, FL  United States
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Coach Nick Fleming and AAK focuses on the athlete's SPECIFIC goals as a kicker, punter, long snapper. We coach all levels, from D-1 athletes to beginners, so wherever your athlete is on their path, we will give them the tools and tailored instruction to get them where they want to go. We evaluate every athlete that comes through our program. In our evaluation, we will give an honest opinion on their talent level and do our very best to help them achieve the desired goal – whether it’s becoming the starting kicker on the JV football team or earning a college scholarship (we pride ourselves on our relationships and national network with coaches and colleges across the nation).

AAK offers an array of training programs designed to produce kicking/punting/snapping specialists. Our weekly Elite Sessions focus on technique and mechanics, flexibility and stretching, on field film review, drills, and goal achievement. Class size is limited, as to maintain the proper level of INDIVIDUAL attention for each specialist - this is hugely important to us. We're not trying to crank out cookie cutter numbers, we're trying to train and shape individual athletes. AAK has also worked hard at creating a matrix that not only shows high school seniors what level college they should be targeting in recruiting, but also a great way for younger athletes to ensure they are tracking correctly to reach their college goals! Whether your athlete is starting their recruiting experience, or simply want to make sure they're improving each and every time they go out, the Elite Evaluation Session is a great camp we are now offering.

AAK also ran one of the nation's top kicking camps this summer at Florida State University. And the previous summer at University of Florida.

We're very proud of our students who play for their middle school and high school teams, have gone on to play or are currently playing on the collegiate level, as well as our guys playing every Sunday in the NFL.

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