To be a consistent kicker, it is critical to start every kick from the same point. This needs to be a spot that feels comfortable and gets you to the ball by taking normal steps. Most kickers take three steps back from the ball. It is important that these are normal walking steps. If the steps are exaggerated or too short, you will have a hard time approaching the ball in a comfortable and consistent fashion.

Before trying to kick with steps, walk around backwards and get familiar with how a normal step backwards feels. Before taking any steps from the ball, make sure that your shoulders are square to the uprights. The idea is to take three steps backwards and end up lined up with the center of the uprights. After taking three steps backwards, make sure that you are lined up squarely with the center of the uprights. This imaginary line is where you are aiming the ball. At this point take two steps to the side (to the left if you are right-footed and to the right if you are left-footed).