One Step Kick

The "One-Step Kicking" drill helps you to work on good solid contact and follow-through that leaves your body balanced and facing your target line.

  1. First, place the ball anywhere between the 10 and 20-yard line. 
  2. Kick a normal field goal. You may have to make an adjustment and position it back further than normal for this drill. 
  3. Then mark the spot where your kicking foot last steps before it hits the ball. This distance is your last step to the ball. You will use this exact distance for the one step drill. 
  4. Your kicking should be in front which is the opposite of a normal field goal. Place your kicking foot on the spot you marked. 
  5. From this position take one step and kick the ball. 
  6. Concentrate on making good contact and following through high and down your target line. 

Again, this drill helps you work on proper body position at contact.

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