Line Drop

The first exercise for learning the proper drop technique is to put your knee directly on the line. This will give you a good reference as to whether or not you are dropping the ball correctly. 

Now, with the ball just outside your thigh, extend it straight out from your hip bone as if you are placing it on a table and drop it on the ground. 

If the ball is angled properly at 11 and 4 o'clock, with the nose tilted down, the nose of the ball will bounce up and over back toward your thigh. The same motion will occur if the ball is dropped on its belly. However, if the back point of the ball hits the ground first, the ball will bounce away from the body… greatly reducing your distance potential.

After mastering the drop, stand up and perform the same drill while taking your normal punting steps. When you drop the ball properly, you will just walk up and down the field practicing your drop and having the ball bounce right back to you.