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Blog submitted 11/11/2009 2:40:10 PM

About Me

My name is Kevin Draudt and I am a Junior at Hidden Valley High School in Roanoke Virginia. I love kicking field goals, I have so much fun doing it. This season has been kind of a quiet year for me because we have never needed many field goals because we have a great running back. My dad, David Draudt, kicked for Miami of Ohio back in the early 70's when they went to the orange bowl two years in a row. He tried out for the saints but injured his knee and was unable to kick any longer. My dad has inspired me to become a great kicker and a great person. He introduced me to kicking in the seventh grade. I have played soccer my whole life, and still do, and he took me out to kick and started me with a thirty yard field goal. I was very good from the start and immediately fell in love with kicking. I would fill up a backpack with as many footballs as it could hold, throw in my holder, and ride my bike down to the football field about two miles away whenever I could. This is my first year playing football and I absolutely love it. My dad always helps me with my technique and my mindset which are both very important. I work hard, some days I wake up early and go kick on the field next to my high school, or I go out after practice as long as I don't have too much homework. My goal is to kick for any division 1 college football team and I have worked hard so far, and I will work even harder to make that happen.

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When it comes to field goal kicking, the less moving parts the better. This means be as close to the ball as possible with the narrowest angle. This reduces your chances of error
-- Doug Brien

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